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1 The company, which was established in the beautiful city of Izmir, the pearl of Turkey, as a sole proprietorship with the registered trademark Sist Technology in 2011, was established on March 16, 2021 as SISTTECHNOLOGY YAZILIM SANAYİ TİCARET A.Ş. continues its way in Antalya, the most beautiful city in the world. Operating in the main fields of smart systems, automation systems, software, hosting services, Sist Technology will continue to grow rapidly with its corporate structure, reliability, vision and mission. Giving importance to the employment of young and newly graduated engineers, the company plans to employ 10 newly graduated engineers until 2023 and 50 new graduates until 2030.

It has the authority and certificate of "Location Provider Providing Service for Commercial Purposes" with the permission given by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority on 12-04-2021.

SİSTTECHNOLOGY YAZILIM SANAYİ TİCARET A.Ş. It is the registered institution of Dun & Bradstreet with the number 533154942, an international company credit rating and reporting agency.

Sist Technology brand is registered to SISTTECHNOLOGY YAZILIM SANAYİ TİCARET A.Ş. with Turkish Patent Institute registration number 2021 074010.


MERSİS NUMBER : 0771061418500001
TRADE REGISTER NUMBER : Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry
TAX NUMBER : 7710614185
COMPANY PHONE : +90 242 606 06 10
COMPANY E-MAIL : iletisim@sisttechnology.com.tr


Computer programming activities (system, database, network, web page, etc. software and coding of customer-specific software, etc.)


62.01.01 Computer programming activities (coding of system, database, network, web page, etc. software and customer-specific software, etc.)


Buying, selling, importing, exporting computers, assembling, repairing, maintaining and repairing them.
- Manufacturing, trading, importing, exporting, assembling computer spare parts.
- Buying and selling all kinds of computer consumables, writing a computer program and obtaining a program license.
- To provide service office services for the import, export and internal trade of all brands of computers and computer hardware, all computer and peripheral equipment units, microfilm facsimile, all information systems, industrial office automation, all software and hardware activities. to provide all kinds of information, audio and video services over the internet, to prepare a website, to have it prepared and to provide internet service.
- Production, wholesale and retail purchase, sale, distribution, import and export of all brands of computers and sub-microprocessors and information recorder, saver, printer, plotter, transmitter, display, converter, interpreter device accessory hardware unit parts and spare parts, assembly , service.
- Establishing commercial data processing centers, ensuring the connection of these centers with domestic and international data networks.
- To perform data preparation, repair, editing operations or services, to sell, to rent them, to publish them on the internet.
- To provide all kinds of computer systems, software and hardware support and consultancy services.
- Production of computer programs and computer control systems, wholesale and retail purchase, sale, distribution, import and export, assembly, maintenance of raw product semi-finished products, units and spares of units and all kinds of computers suitable for them and manufactured in technology that can be applied in the future. To manufacture, wholesale and retail purchase, sale, distribution, import and export of finished and semi-finished parts, systems and units.
- Establishment of computer systems and for this purpose, wholesale and retail purchase, sale, distribution, import, export and assembly of all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment.
- Computer machines, hardware, software and systems, as well as disk, floppy disk, magnetic tape, printer ribbon, cartridge, etc. production, wholesale and retail purchase, sale, distribution, import and export of computer consumables and information technologies.
- Preparing feasibility reports for the selection of computer software and hardware to public, private and legal entities, receiving and providing engineering, consultancy, support and service.

- All kinds of fresh, dry, frozen vegetables, fruits, flowers, pulses, cereals, agricultural products manufacturing, production, processing, trading, packaging services, import and export.
- To produce, buy and sell vegetables, fruits, seeds, seedlings, saplings, all kinds of field and ornamental plants.
- To manufacture, trade, import and export all kinds of agricultural products such as canned food, tomato paste, marmalade, jam, syrup, molasses, vinegar.
- To carry out technology and consultancy services in all aspects of agriculture, to make landscaping, agricultural projects, to undertake and control projects and investments.
- Trade of packaging, pipes, irrigation materials and other products made of all kinds of glass, cardboard, cardboard, plastic and other materials used in agriculture.
- Purchasing, renting and leasing, servicing, importing and exporting agricultural engines, motor pumps, electro pumps, centrifugal pumps, vehicles, tractors and equipment, all kinds of tools, machinery, spare parts and accessories.
- Establishing, using, taking over, transferring, constructing, buying and selling, renting or renting movable, real estate, facility, vineyard, garden, land, greenhouse, agricultural technologies necessary for the activities related to its subject, making personal savings.
- To develop, produce and improve all kinds of seeds.
- To import and export all kinds of greenhouse and greenhouse technologies, to provide domestic and international consultancy services in this regard, to do all kinds of greenhouse management.
- Establishing, buying, renting, renting, selling olive groves.
- Manufacturing, trading, import of all kinds of organic and chemical fertilizers and pesticides, home pesticides, veterinary drugs, environmental health drugs, all kinds of agricultural and agricultural chemicals and analysis-related hormones, plant growth regulators, all kinds of chemical and natural fertilizers and to export.
- To buy, sell, import and export all kinds of irrigation materials related to irrigation in agriculture. To prepare projects related to irrigation, to have them prepared and to implement the projects on site or have them implemented.
- Buying and selling peat soil, importing and exporting.

- The company may carry out all the works in the form of figures and writings on various materials such as illuminated or non-illuminated signboards, billboards, outdoor advertising and giveaways, souvenirs and plaques for advertisement and advertisement purposes. It can prepare the necessary logos and make commercial investments to achieve this goal. It can buy and sell all produced films, patterns, logos and similar works and can buy and sell their copyrights. It can buy and sell all products, semi-finished products and raw materials used to realize this purpose.
- The Company may receive commercial and non-commercial advertisements and have these advertisements and advertisements published or broadcast in advertisements and advertisements belonging to itself or to other persons and organizations. Can prepare documents, films, tapes and video cassettes of advertisements and advertisements. It can trade with these documents prepared by other people and institutions, films, tapes and video cassettes. In order to realize this purpose, the publication, printing and announcement of documents belonging to others within the scope of copyright. May engage in necessary commercial activities.
- The company may prepare commercial and non-commercial short or feature films, plays, plays, plays, performances, TV series and news, and promotional films. He can prepare plays, theater and performances in the form of filming or stage screening. In order to realize this purpose, it can carry out commercial transactions within the framework of social activities, employ domestic and foreign personnel, buy and sell the copyrights of all films, plays, performances, theaters and screenings it produces. Publishing and printing of documents belonging to others within the scope of copyright in order to realize this purpose. And may engage in commercial activities necessary for its announcement. It can produce publications on this subject using the Internet, radio, TV and similar media.
- The Company may print, print, assemble or have it done in whole or in part, of newspapers, books, magazines, magazines, printed documents and all publications related to the Press and Publication Law. It may distribute or trade all or part of these printed materials. It can do all the works that fall into the printing business. It can buy, sell or rent copyrights belonging to others under the Press and Broadcasting Law. It can carry out and have all commercial and social activities related to this subject done.
- Relevant publications can be produced using the internet, radio, TV and similar media.
- To carry out activities related to news agency, publishing, printing, graphic design, color separation, promotion, ketring, advertisement, advertisement, promotion, communication and consultancy services.
- To act with a sense of responsibility towards the consumer and to comply with the principles of the International Code of Ethics in Advertisement prepared by the International Chamber of Commerce (MTO), in Turkish and in any foreign language; short- and long-term or non-periodical; To prepare publications such as newspapers, magazines, brochures, encyclopedias, to find advertisements and advertisements for these publications, to design for the advertisements received, to shoot negative and positive films, to distribute and have the publications prepared, by obtaining permission from the Company, Press Advertisement Agency, It may place and publish advertisements and advertisements in all newspapers and magazines, private and official radio and television organizations.

- Construction contracting and contracting, official and private constructions.
- Construction works of official and private public institutions and organizations, tunnels, ports, factories, roads, bridges, dams, dams, lodgings, administrative buildings, public institutions and service buildings, concrete, asphalt, highway, port buildings, office buildings, commercial buildings, workshops, workshops and all kinds of mass housing, cooperative residences, highways and railways, airports, stations, bus stations, parking lots, garages, bazaar shops, market workplaces, hotels, motels, villas, hostels, hospitals, mosques, dispensaries , health centers, first aid facilities and public works such as similar government structures, holiday resorts, school construction, training centers, student dormitories, ponds and piers, tourist accommodation, flight tracks, sports and complementary facilities and oil, natural gas pipelines, canal drinking water, water channels, drainage facilities, to construct irrigation and sewerage works, to make commitments.
- The company can do wooden, half-timbered and reinforced concrete mass housing, private housing, all kinds of government constructions. It can market the constructions it has made on its own behalf.
- To construct residences and workplaces in return for flat, to make contracts, to make renovation and assembly works, landscaping and environmental arrangements of these residences and workplaces.
- To make and fulfill commitments in all kinds of construction, installation, electricity and excavation issues at home and abroad.
- To carry out all kinds of road stabilization works, concrete, road and asphalt works in the country and abroad and to fulfill the commitments.
-Construction and assembly works of factories and facilities, oil pipelines, other pipelines, high and low voltage electrical installations, energy transmission lines, telephone, telegraph and other overhead transmission lines, construction and assembly works, repair, replacement and restoration works, have it made.

Accommodation, resting, sightseeing, entertainment, food and beverage places, complete touristic facilities such as hotels, motels, camping, pensions, holiday villages, rest houses, thermal station, beach, patisserie, restaurant, cafeteria, tea garden, coffee shops, hookah lounges, swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, touristic areas, parking lots, water sports, winter sports, nature sports, mountain tourism, spa tourism, indoor and outdoor sports halls, night club mountain, sea and other water sports and entertainment rafting, water skiing, swimming and other mountain and water sports activities in this area and the facilities and businesses required for these activities, rent, lease, take over, transfer, build or buy, sell, operate.
- Obtaining agency certificate in accordance with the Travel Agencies Law No. 1618, establishing a tourism agency in the country and abroad, accommodating domestic and foreign tourists, organizing tours.
- The company may establish, operate, transfer and take over travel agencies in order to provide tourism services in the country and abroad, may establish and operate branches of previously established agencies, organize domestic and foreign tourism organizations, organize sightseeing tours, book tours organized by other travel agencies. It can sell the tickets of such tours, make and make reservations for them, provide consultancy services on passenger transportation, tour and guidance services, transportation, accommodation and its subject, book, buy and sell land, sea and air transportation vehicles tickets.
- To do yacht management and yacht tourism, to meet all kinds of needs of domestic and foreign yachts, to ensure that these needs are met by connecting with other businesses.
- Renting, renting all kinds of bicycles, motorcycles, cars related to tourism.
- To carry out or have the necessary air, sea, land transportation and transfer operations for the provision of tourism services in the country and abroad.
- To organize national and international artistic organizations. to participate in activities in these fields. Painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, film, graphics, music and handicrafts and artistic and To organize scientific activities and organizations.
- Organizing show programs, animation, organizations and entertainment programs in touristic facilities, presenting programs.
- Buying, selling, importing, exporting and renting mountain tourism, highland tourism, land and air sports equipment and vehicles.
- To carry out activities related to all kinds of nature, underwater and surface sports, to purchase tools and equipment related to underwater diving and surface sports, to use all kinds of tools and equipment required by them, and to buy and sell, import and export materials. to do.
- To provide services for all kinds of nature, underwater sports and underwater sportsmen's health, to export and import related tools and equipment.
- Purchasing, selling, marketing, importing and exporting all kinds of souvenirs produced from copper, brass, meerschaum, marble, crystal, wood, ivory, glass, melamine, precious metals for touristic purposes.
- To carry out the wholesale and retail trade, import, export and marketing of all kinds of souvenirs or jewelry made of silver for touristic purposes.


  • Center Office ( Antalya, Muratpaşa )
  • Meeting Office ( Antalya, Muratpaşa )
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“The future of a country will be built by late engineers who constantly produce new ideas. Supporting young engineers means protecting the future of the country.”

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