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Innovative Ideas

We closely follow new products, developments and international articles. We add something new to every project we realize. In this way, we are one step ahead with each of our projects.

Secure Infrastructure

By giving importance to the security of the programming language and database we use in our software and backing them up in our data center, we prevent problems that may arise from the very beginning.

Economic Solutions

We believe in the power of open source programming languages and databases. We use these structures in the projects we develop, so we offer low-cost solutions.

Director Message

“Young engineers who constantly produce new ideas will build the future of a country. Supporting young engineers means protecting the future of the country.”


index As Sist ® Technology, we offer the best performance you will get from the project with the most economical solutions by constructing the best infrastructure, software language, database and architecture for the needs of the project in the projects we develop in the field of software. We are at your service with our technical team, which you can reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready for disaster scenarios.

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