Software Services

Drying Facility Software

Automation software developed for production facilities.

  • Process Management
  • Production Management
  • Supply Management
  • Supplier Management
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Smart Systems

Fire Fighting Drone

Smart and Fully Automatic firefighting drone.

  • 2 Pieces Built-in Camera
  • 600 GR Special Fluid Capacity
  • 5,5 KM Range
  • 45 MIN Airtime
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Hosting Services

Institutional Hosting

Web site locate, email included hosting services.

  • SSD Technology
  • 3 GB Hosting Space
  • Sınırsız E-mail Account
  • 500 GB Monthly Traffic
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About Fire Fighting Drone

1 The system, which will be deployed to the forest fire surveillance station, consists of 2 main parts: * Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, * Control computer. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, * Quadriocopter type (doesn't need a landing-take-off runway and can stay fixed in the air), * With front and bottom camera, * Carrying liquid release unit, * Using Wi-fi connection, ( 5555, 5554, 5556 ports) Control computer It consists of a system (Java Desktop Program), * Carrying a signal booster system, * Connected to the central system, * Control software. The device, which will be deployed to the fire surveillance station, continuously processes the images taken by the front camera with the control software. As soon as it sees the fire smoke, it automatically takes action and comes to the fire area, at the same time the control software warns the center. It detects the exact point of the fire by its sub camera, focuses it in the air. He leaves the glass bottle with the fire extinguishing liquid in the fire area after focusing. Returns to the watch station.


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